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If you are already preparing for the next Quilt Show, the theme is "2-color quilts."  (Just 2 colors - No different shades or tones.  Just 2 colors.)  

2020 QUILT SHOW - Theme:  Two-Color Quilts

For this theme it means exactly that - two colors.  No "shades" or "tints" of a color - just two.  Period.  If you choose red and white, small green stems on red flowers means it's no longer a two-color quilt.  If your quilt doesn't fit this criteria, there are plenty of other divisions to choose from!  See you there!

October 8th, 9th and 10th, 2020

Pictorial Directory

The new pictorial directory is now on the website in the member-only section.  If you find any errors in your own information, please let Vivian know by contacting her at the email listed in the directory.

Meeting Times

The Beaver Valley Piecemakers Guild meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM

September through May at the Chippewa United Methodist Church

2545 Darlington Road,

Beaver Falls PA  15010

We have an offsite dinner in June.


Final retreat times and info will be on the website by Wednesday, January 22nd.  Please check back on the retreat page then.

Celebration of Quilts Show

Our 2020 Quilt Show Theme is "Two-Color Quilts."


Mystery instructions for January are now posted.  Please ignore page 3 - it's identical to page 2 and my computer is still playing games! :-) 


To contact the guild, you can click on the More button and go to an email screen.  The web site editor will forward your message as appropriate.


No workshop is on the schedule in the near future.  When one is scheduled, information will be posted here.


Founded in 1983, our goals are to encourage and advance the knowledge and understanding of all aspects of quilt making while promoting good fellowship through sharing the art and finished products of quilting.


Check back later for information on our next bus trip.

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