Officers and Committee Chairs 2019-2020

President    Gwen Cain
Vice President    Barb Kamicker
Secretary    Vickie Scott
Treasurer    Karen Fotta
Block Lotto    Vivian Oaks
Challenge    Cindy Magee
Community Service    Bonnie Reyes
Friendship    Carol Beck
Historian    Mary Lee Green
Hospitality   Louise Grant
Librarian    Amy Daily
Membership    Sylvia Novak
Mystery    Lois  Stockhausen 
Newsletter    Vivian Oaks
Quilts of Valor    Diana Somerville
Quilt Show 2018    Sheila Drevna and Mary Kowach
Raffle    Carol Beck and Marjorie Gordon
Retreat    Judy Steiner and Lydia Stewart
Trips    Kathy Broskin
Saturday Sew    Debbie Jewel
Workshops    Barb Kamicker

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