Mystery Quilt - Mary Lee Green

Mystery Quilt in a Box: A little bit of mystery and a whole lot of fun!

This year’s Mystery Quilt will be different than in the past and will include a box, secret quilting sisters,

and three yards of fabric (six yards if including the backing). We will need at least six participants who

are willing to commit to completing the project. The project is simple enough for a novice and can be

whipped up each month in just minutes by our more advanced quilters.


How It Works:

You will need to pick up a Mystery Quilt in a Box in September that has all the instructions for fabric selection and cutting. Most of the mysterious details of this quilt will be revealed in the Box. You will not download pattern instructions each month, rather, all of the instructions you will need to complete the project will be in the Mystery Quilt Box.

To participate, you must pick up the Mystery Quilt in a Box in September, but if you can't make it to the meeting, the instructions can be emailed to you and you can pick up the Box in October. This project has your Secret Quilting Sisters working on blocks for your quilt, so you will need to bring a Mystery Quilt Box to the Guild meeting each month. If you have to miss a meeting, no worries, there is an extra two months built into the project.

In September, you will select and cut your fabric. There are instructions in the Mystery Quilt in a Box regarding fabric selection, but if you want some extra help with fabric selection, check out this video:


If you are unable to attend the September meeting, contact Mary Lee Green to request your Mystery Quilt in a Box instructions. We can’t give out too many details here on the website because…IT’S A MYSTERY!! Don't worry, there is just a LITTLE bit of mystery...all the details will be in the Mystery Quilt in a Box!

If you didn't join the mystery during September or October, I'm sorry, but it's too late for this year.  Don't be discouraged...wait till next year and have lots of fun with the rest of us! :-)