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Our Workshop Coordinator is Linda McCuean for '23-'24.  Please talk with her if you have any questions or suggestions.  

Our November Workshop is Saturday, November 4th at the New Brighton Methodist Church, on the corner of 6th St. and 11th Ave., kitty-corner to the New Brighton Post Office.  Bev Miller is collecting the $20 checks for Linda.

The Everything and More Bag

from Missouri Star Quilt Company



                    1 panel or 1 yard fabric (lining)

                   1 yard fabric for main body and pockets

                   1 yard for straps and pocket lining


                   Runner size or 1 piece 25" x 42".

                   1-1/2" strips for straps - approximately 80"


                   2 - 14" non-metal zippers


               Quilting Clips, Pins, Scissors

               Iron, Ironing Board

               Rotary Cutter, Ruler, Cutting Mat

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